Do you still carry a truckload of business cards? Why not storing them on your iPhone? Biz Cards give you a complete solution to manage, organize and distribute your business card collection. It will even "scan" your card and extract the text for indexing and contact creation.

** IMPORTANT ** Biz Cards requires iPhone 3GS. Older iPhone models have different type of cameras and would not give the best result.


  • Add new business cards by snapping a photo.
  •  Organize your cards by date and categories.
  •  Quickly find a card using index searching.
  •  Full screen view of your cards in landscape mode.
  • Scan your cards and add the fields into your phone's contact list.
  • Complete on-device processing. No security risks of sending your contact information over the network.
  • Unique interface to dial a number or send an email directly from the card.
  • Save/backup your cards by direct FTP.
  • Send your saved card to others using Email.
  • Print your card using your home printer directly from iPhone.