Camera DVR

Have you ever wanted a video recording of what was happening just a while ago? Saw something interesting and wanted to record it, but found it's already too late? Camera DVR is here to help.

This app is a digital video recorder that continuously records video and automatically keeps the latest recording. You can simply leave the app on, and you will always get the latest recording. You can use the app as a portable security device that records your surroundings.

To start, you set a maximum recording size that the app will use (for example, 500MB), and the app will automatically start recording. When the maximum size fills up, the app will delete earliest recordings and reuse the space for new recordings. All this happens automatically when you simply leave the app on. You can instantly replay what the app has recorded by sliding the timescale (for example, to see what was happening 5 minutes ago). If a particular section is worth preserving, you can select the video section to export to Photos.


  • Constant Recording
  • Instant Replay
  • Adjustable Quota Limit
  • Adjustable Encoding
  • Support Audio
  • Export to Photos