** Important ** If you are having trouble getting Card Scan to work, please swipe the photo to align the text to be parallel to the screen top before scanning.

Scan your business cards using your iPhone 3GS's awesome camera (3GS only; older iPhone models not supported!), and save it in as a contact into your Address Book.

Card Scan makes Address Book entry easy and fun:

1. Snap a photo of a business card.
2. Card Scan automatically scans it into text.
3. Select an Address Book field (such as name and phone #) and copy-paste from the scanned text.
4. Save it to your Address Book.


  • Automatic text recognition.
  • Scan business cards from the following languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Dutch.

Card Scan only works with iPhone 3GS. Older iPhone models have different types of camera and they do not work with Card Scan.